Lan Messenger

I find very good open source software for LAN IM, name Squiggle.

This works perfectly in LAN and you need to give exclusion in the windows firewall.

There is no installation required for this software, just double click the squiggle.exe file and create a shortcut.

Please find the url link for downloading the software.

Mounting ISO image as a Virtual drive in Windows OS


You need to mount an ISO as a virtual drive in windows server OS or Desktop.


There are plenty of products available out of those these two products are quite interesting.

  1. Virtual clone drive – Download url—-à
  2. Microsoft Virtual CDROM à

The Microsoft Virtual CD ROM will support only in Desktop OS.

orkut site not working in ubuntu

Some of you are using BSNL broad band for internet.

Environment used:

Ubuntu 12.04 Operating System.

Problem: Unable to view orkut and some social networking site.


The problem is due to DNS address, where correct address not configured.

I have entered the primary and secondary DNS address as (Chennai area).

This solves my problem.

Identify and remove duplicate files

In my pc I have lot of MP3 files where the possibility of duplicate files are high.  There are two tools are available which will overcome this problem.


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