How to remove orphaned domains from Active Directory

Some times when you create a child domain which gives an error message during the domain creation and the domain name will be stored in the meta-data of the windows database.

In some case if you demote any domain server, the name of the domain will be available in the meta data. To remove the name of the orphaned domain the following steps will be helpful to remove the orphaned domains.


  1. In the parent domain controller, go to run and type cmd
  2. Check whether the command prompt has administrative privilege.
  3. Type the command ntdsutil and enter
  4. Type the command metadata cleanup like  ntdsutil:metadata cleanup
  5. In the metadata cleanup type the command connections like metadata cleanup:connections
  6. In the server connections type the command connect to domain <Domain name> like (Eg) serverconnections: connect to domain
  7. Type q (quit) once the domain is connected.
  8. Then in the metadata cleanup prompt type the command select operation target like

Metadata cleanup: select operation target

9.  In the select operation target prompt type the command list domains like select operation target: list domains

10. List of domains will be shown related to their number.

11. In that type the command select domain <domain number> like select operation target: select domain <domain number>

12. Type q (quit) from the select operation target.

13. In the metadata cleanup prompt type the command remove selected domain

14. You will be prompted to remove the required domain from the forest root.

The example of procedure is given in the screen shot.








Ref url for unsuccessful domain removal through ntdsutil:;en-us;216498


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