Storeoncesoftware store(gateway) failed to start

Error: When you try to start the store in HP Data protect storeoncesoftware (Depdupe) it fails and gets an error message “ Failed to start the store” and when you execute the command

C:\> storeoncesoftware –list_store the store status will be in stopped state.”

Root cause: This problem occurs due to bad integrity in the backup file and we need to remove those files.


The following are the solution to remove the bad integrity files and the diag files in task_hk folder.

To identify this file we need to run the gokhans collector tool, the url link is given below.

To run this js file the steps are given below.

a. Open an MS-DOS prompt
b. Run the script using the following syntax:
c.  c:\> cscript //B //Nologo sosdc_win.js >sosdc.html

After getting the html result you can identify the filepath of bad integrity file and do the procedure given below.

1.Stop all stores using command “StoreOnceSoftware –stop_store –name=StoreName”

2.Stop StoreOnceSoftware service

3. Remove s.bad_integrity file

4. Delete all the files and directories under the folder $StoreRoot/StoreOncelibrary/dvol_000000x/committed/storemgr/store.d/store_x/ (you will see one xml file)

(x is 01, if the store is the first store; 02 for the second store; and so on)

5. Start StoreOnceSoftware service with debug

On Windows using command “sc start StoreOnceSoftware –log_level=tracing”

On Linux using command “/opt/omni/lbin/StoreOnceSoftware –daemon –log_level=tracing”

6. Check if the store can be started or not using command “StoreOnceSoftware –list_stores”, check the status of the store.


4 Responses to Storeoncesoftware store(gateway) failed to start

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  2. Joel Sousa says:

    Hi there vkarthickeyan, I’m having the same problem, can you upload again sosdc_win.js ? It is offline.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. P. Miguel says:

    Same issue here, HPE/Microfocus still working on a solution, this procedure not working on DP 10.01 (in-place upgrade broke storeoncesoftware) Create a new store within root store, problem now is different, store gets error, before storeoncesoftware service crashed…

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