“[10054] Connection reset by peer” – HP Dataprotector B2D

In HP dataprotect the B2D backup fails with the error message “[10054] Connection reset by peer.”

This failure cause can be due to high network or computer usage, unreliable network or connection between different OS.


You can configure the TCP/IP protocol to use 8 instead of the default 5 retransmissions. It is better not to use higher values because each increment doubles the timeout. The setting applies to all network connections, not only to connections used by Data Protector.

On Windows, apply the change to the Cell Manager first.

1. Add a new DWORD parameter TcpMaxDataRetransmissions and set its value to 0x00000008(8) under the following registry key:


Making a mistake in editing the registry can cause your system to become unstable and unusable.

2. Restart the system after making this change.