Windows Calculator vs. Qalculator

  1. In normal Windows calculator conversion of Money rates is not possible and also there is no plugin available to fetch the data from internet, but qalculator does this. It requires internet to fetch the data.
  2. Microsoft mathematics is also a very good tool which competes with qalculator.
  3. Electrical and many Engineering calculation is available in Qcalculator, but windows OS calculator no option available and Microsoft mathematics minimum is available.
  4. Qcalculate is very simple whatever calculation we require we simply type and get the result.

Download for Microsoft mathematics url :

For Qalculate : $ sudo apt-get install qalculate ( Qalculate supports in Linux os only)

This calculator will be more useful for Engineering calculation, design and other complex calculation.

Some of the screenshots are shared below.

I. Qalculate














II. Windows Mathematics







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