Auto Shutdown the Linux System in CLI

A simple command can be entered in the Terminal to schedule a time for the system to shut down.

1. Press Ctrl-Alt-T to run Terminal.

2. Enter sudo shutdown -h +m (replace m with the number of minutes, e.g. +60). OR : enter sudo shutdown -h hh:mm (replace hh:mm with the time on the 24hr clock, e.g. 23:15).

3.  Enter password and minimize the Terminal window.

The system will then shut down within the minutes or at the time specified. To cancel a scheduled time, enter sudo shutdown -c in the Terminal.

Alternatively, you might want to download and install Gshutdown, which is a GUI program for scheduling a time to shut down the system.

61:2013 Some of the backup devices are occupied. Session is waiting for all the devices to get free.

DP Error: [61:2013] Some of the backup devices are occupied. Session is waiting for all the devices to get free.


Some times the media get locked in the tape library and your backup job fails due to the drive unavailability. you can unlock the drive by using the command

C:\>omnidbutil -show_locked_devs -all

Locked devices/media/cartridges:

Type:     Device
Name/Id:  HP:Ultrium 5-SCSI:HU1102EEFW
Pid:      6248
Host:     XXXX

Type:     Cartridge
Name/Id:  HP:MSL G3 Series_in001sd0002
Pid:      6248
Host:     XXXX
Location: 31

C:\>omnidbutil -free_locked_devs -all
Are you sure you want to unlock ALL locked devices/media/cartridges (y/n)? y

C:\>omnidbutil -show_locked_devs -all

Locked devices/media/cartridges:

No locked devices/media/cartridges found!


Windows Server Core configurator in GUI.

In Windows 2008r2 core installation we work with the command called sconfig for server configuration and install roles according to our requirement.

The same can be achieved in GUI installation mode with the help of Core configurator.iso for windows 2008 64bit and coreconfigurator ver1.1 for windows 32bit.

Url for download link

1. windows 32bit core configurator :-

2. Windows 64bit core-configurator :-

Please find the screenshot below for example.








Windows Event Collector

Today I come across an article how to collect windows event in a centralized manner. The pdf gives step by step procedure for implementing the Event collector.