Proxy configuration settings in Ubuntu

Scenario: To configure proxy setting in cli (apt-get)


The following are the files to be created and edited in the appropriate folder path.

Step1: Create a file apt.conf in the directory /etc/apt/

*Type the required file

Acquire::http::proxy “”;

Acquire::https::proxy “”;

Acquire::ftp::proxy “”;

Please enter your own environment proxy configuration in the apt.conf file

Step2: Edit the file /etc/environment and make a similar entry mentioned above.

Step 3: Edit the file /etc/wgetrc and uncomment the proxy settings; configure your environment proxy settings in wgetrc file.

Step4: Copy the file apt.conf  to /etc/apt.conf.d and move the file to 02proxy ($sudo mv apt.conf 02proxy)

Step5 : In GUI network proxy make the configuration manual and give the appropriate proxy ipaddress and the port.

Then try apt-get update; it works.


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