Subnet calculator in linux

There are different tools available in linux for calculating subnet.  Among these 3 are populars.

  1. IPcalc
  2. Sipcalc
  3. Whatmask

 IPCalc: Ipcalc provides a simple way to calculate IP information for a host. To install ipcalc

$ sudo apt-get install ipcalc

Please find the example below



Sipcalc: Sipcalc is an advanced console-based IP subnet calculator. It can support both IPv4 and IPv6.

To install Sipcalc  $ sudo apt-get install sipcalc

Please find the example below.




Whatmask: Whatmask will echo back the following:

  • The netmask in the following formats: CIDR, Netmask, Netmask (Hex) Wildcard Bits
  • The Network Address
  • The Broadcast Address
  • The number of Usable IP Addresses
  • The First Usable IP Address
  • The Last Usable IP Address

To install whatmask  download the application from the url : and configure it.

Please find the example below.






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  1. Excelent, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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