ESXTOP Features


We aware of the esxtop command in vmware which is used to identify the performance of the esx server.

There is certain option which is very useful to identify the individual resources performance for trouble shooting purposes. Few options of esxtop are given below which is really helpful for the performance related issues.

c = CPU

m = memory

n = network

i = interrupts

d = disk adapter

u = disk device (includes NFS as of 4.0 Update 2)

v = disk VM

p = power states

Capturing esxtop results

# esxtop -b -d 2 -n 100 > esxtopcapture.csv

Where “-b” stands for batch mode, “-d 2″ is a delay of 2 seconds and “-n 100″ are 100 iterations. In this specific case esxtop will log all metrics for 200 seconds. If you want to record all metrics make sure to add “-a” to your string.

Or what about directly zipping the output as well? This .csv can grow fast and by zipping it a lot of precious disk space can be saved!

# esxtop -b -a -d 2 -n 100 | gzip -9c > esxtopoutput.csv.gz

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  1. Mike says:


    there is also a great diagram about ESXTOP metrics and tresholds for troubleshooting at Or you take a look at


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