How to extend C: partition in Windows 2003 server.


In a windows 2003 server VM which have 20GB disk size and the same you have partitioned and created a volume to 20GB in the Windows 2003 server. You identified that the Volume C:\ drive is full and not enough free space for the running application.
You increased the disk size in VM (60GB) and when you check in the disk management of that windows server there is an unallocated space of about 60GB which you try to extend for that C drive. Using diskpart command to extend the volume for C: drive you get an error message “The volume you have selected may not be extended. Please select another volume and try again.”


1. Dell has provided a tool Extpart which is used for extending the system partition. Please click on the below link for downloading the tool.

2. After downloading, extract the file in the c: drive and restart the server.

3. Press F8 and select the option “Safe mode with command prompt”

4. In the command prompt, go to c:\> cd dell\extpart\

5. Run the command extpart and press enter


6. You will be pointed to ” Volume to extend(drive letter or mount point): ”
7. Type the required drive letter c: and press enter.




8. You will be pointed to “Size to expand the volume (MB): “, Type the required space you have created and press Enter.
9. The Volume successfully expanded in the C drive.


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