Unable to Add the ESX Host to the Cluster


It is not possible to add the ESX host to the cluster.
Error: Request timed out
The following actions were taken:
1. The customer was requested to restart the vmware-mgmt service.
The service could not be restarted because it is a production environment.
2. It was suggested that they disable and enable the HA.
3. The AAM and HA agents were deleted from the hosts. The vpxa agent was also deleted, and an attempt was made to read the host to the cluster but still the same issue persists.
4. A check was done by pinging to the ESX host from the VC installed physical Windows m/c and it works fine.
5. A search for tasks and events, for any clues was carried out, but nothing related to this error was found.
The management service had to be restarted to resolve the issue.

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