DB Configuration unknown : While configuring VRMS (Vsphere replication Management server) VM Siterecovery

Symtom: When you install VM site recovery, you will come across to configure VRMS for configuring the recovery site. After the necessary information filled in the VRMS option, it will prompt you to DB connection error.

Cause: The problem is due to VRMS will not accept the windows authentication in MSSQL database. 

Resolution: You need to configure in MSSQL server management studio, Select security option. Then go to login menu under security enable sa user to login in the database, by right click the sa user and check the status. You can see the option Login (Enabled / Disabled). Select the option enabled and reset to appropriate password.

Also select the server hostname which is top of the option in the server management studio. Right click the server hostname and select properties. Then go to security menu, select the option (Windows authentication / SQL server & Windows authentication mode). Please select the SQl server and windows authentication mode to enable sa login.

After this process please give the sa user name and appropriate password in the VRMS configuration page (DB username and password). The configuration of VRMS will be sucessfull.



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