Connecting Ubuntu to Windows Domain

Symtom:  You have a Linux client machine, and you want to authenticate to, and log into a Windows domain.


1.  The commands needed to install the “likewise-open5” package, and join the domain, (assuming the FQDN of the domain is and the user name you are using to join the domain is administrator).

$sudo apt-get install likewise-open5

$sudo domainjoin-cli join administrator

$sudo reboot

2.  Then to allow users to logon from the Ubuntu welcome screen,

    $sudo nano /etc/samba/lwiauthd.conf

3. Add the following line (the file will probably be empty), to Save press CTRL+X, then Y, then {enter}.

    winbind use default domain = yes

4.  Then reboot.

      $sudo reboot

5. To allow sudo for the domain user(s)

      $sudo nano /etc/sudoers

Locate the line that reads “\\#Members of the Admin group may gain root privileges and do the following:”. Below that, type the following (assuming the domain name is domaina and the user is a member of the domain admins group, domain^users also works).

%domaina\\domain^admins ALL=(ALL) ALL

6. Save and close.

7. Log out

8. In the login prompt click other to Windows Domain login

9. type in the username :  and then type password.

10. It will allow you to login in the windows domain.






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